U.S ram Ohio State, Columbus khua ah nurse a tuan lio mi nungak Katie Van Bawi Zi cu a umnak State khua ah Coronavirus mizaw caan zei mawzat a zohkhanh hnu ah amah pumpak lungtho tein midang Nurse sibawi te hna bawmchan dingin kadang State New Jersey lei ah hmaisuang (frontline) in minunnak khamh dingah amah lungtho tein nihin ah ai thawh cang.

Amah pumpak fb ah a ttial mi
(I’ve always wanted to be a travel nurse. Maybe not in the midst of this virus, but here I go to New Jersey for the crisis response.New Jersey is the second state with most active cases of covid 19.It was a hard decision to make. After I accepted the assignment, it took me some times to process I am actually going and risking my life. I am sure all the nurses with kids would go too if they didn’t have little human to look after.After all, I don’t have kids and it’s the one thing I can do, working hands in hands with my fellow healthcare workers. I appreciate you guys so much.Keep my girls & I in your prayers| 💜)

US Ram ah hi zawtnak tha lo COVID-19 zawtnak a tamnak bik nk hi New York le New Jersey an si. Sii lei a ttuan mi tampi nih kal dingin an ttih cuahmah lio ah kan Chin mino te Katie Van Bawi Zi nih dawtnak he mi nunnak khamh dingin ai timhtuahnak cungah upat awk tlak taktak asi.

Cu lawng silo in a nih hi atu lio CYONA cawlcanghnak zongah bochan mi mino te asi. A caah thlacamnak in bawm cio hna usih.

Thank you for your service and hard work. fighting Vanzi.


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