Miphun hawi hna DFW Area ah aum mi mino hna,
Nan hngalh cio bantuk in, ni kum August 17, 2017 ah Houston, Texas cu faak ngai in ttotho nih September 3, 2017 tiang a den. Cu tilet nih cun $125 billion man tiang rawhnak a chuah pi. Inn tampi an rawh tikah Houston ummi innchungkhar tampi hna cu an inn chuah tak riangmang in, inn thar sak hau dirhmun ah an phan hna. Hi tilet nih hin mi tampi nunnak a thlen. Kumkhat leng a rau cang nain, a rawk mi a tam tuk caah tuni tiang in remhawk tampi a taang rih.

Cu caah, Houston khua remh ding ah, CYONA nih zaanghlei a cawi kho tu ding, volunteers, kan herh hna. A lam kip in community service a herhmi hna ca’h zong ah caan ttha le caan rem asi lai ti kan zumh. Volunteers nih an tuah hnga ding cu innsaknak he aa pehtlai mi; tinbawsi thuh, ttuang phah, kutkaa ser, tibantuk hna an si lai.

Nikhat chung te lawng (Zerhteni) asi lai caah, mino tampi thazang nan chuah lai nak hnga kan i sawm hna.
Keimah, Rebecca Tial, sin ah min pek khawh asi lai.

As many of you are aware, Houston, Texas was hit with a massive category 4 hurricane on August 17, 2017 that lasted through September 3, 2017. This tropical storm caused disastrous flooding and $125 billion worth of damage. The homes of many families were destroyed and millions of lives were changed. Although a year has passed, there is still a lot of rebuilding to be done due to the impact of the flood.
CYONA is in need of volunteers to help with the remaining clean up and rebuilding needs for families in Houston. This will be a great opportunity for those that need community service hours for school, personal development, community benefits, church community service, etc. Tasks will include demolition, mold remediation, drywall, painting, flooring, doors and trim.

Date: November 17, 2018 (subject to change)
Must be at least 16 years of age.
DEADLINE: October 7, 2018

*Limited amount of spots available for individuals 17 and younger.
*Food and transportation will be provided by CYONA.

Please sign up by commenting below or contacting Rebecca Tial


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